2018 Summer Classes

Stay in shape this summer while having fun. Check out some of the new classes at Rexburg Rapids!

Programs are offered throughout the summer at different times. See Arts & Recreation Guide for more details.

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Kids Swim Club

This is an awesome opportunity for individuals to challenge themselves and others to improve their swimming abilities. The coaches are great, they have a lot of experience, and they have a love for swim competition. There will be two sessions and up to six teams at maximum registration. The swim teams will either meet on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday from 7am-8am starting June 13th and 14th. There will be a swim meet on August 20th which will end the summer swim experience while giving everyone who participated a chance to show how much they have improved since the beginning of the summer. There will be awards given out including a ribbon for each participant. (There will not be any swim team practice on Monday, July 4th. However, the pool will still be open during regular swim on this day).

Prerequisites: Must be able to swim 25 yards (one length of the pool) in the following: Front Crawl or Back Crawl. This is not a swim lesson.

Session 1 – Monday/Wednesday: 7:00am- 8:00am

Dates: June 12th-August 18th

Session 2 – Tuesday/Thursday: 7:00am- 8:00am

Dates: June 13th-August 17th

Session 3 – Friday/Saturday: 7:00am- 8:00am

Dates: June 10th-August 19th

Swim Meet – August 20th

Junior Lifeguard Camp

Ages 11-14. Being a lifeguard is awesome and here is an opportunity to get prepared to be one! By participating in our 5 day camp, you will be geared up and ready to become certified as a lifeguard when you turn 15. All participants will receive a whistle, a junior lifeguard t-shirt, and three hours of lifeguard shadowing throughout the week. (Participants will not receive a lifeguard certification) $90.00 for 25 hours of professional instruction, which includes the three hours of lifeguard shadowing. Minimum registration is 5 participants per session.

Session 1 – Monday-Saturday 7:00am- 12:15pm

Dates: June 19th- June 23rd

Session 2 – Monday-Saturday 7:00am- 12:15pm

Dates: June 26th- June 30th

Session 3 – Monday-Saturday 7:00am- 12:15pm

Dates: July 10th- July 14th

Session 4 – Monday-Saturday 7:00am-12:15pm

Dates: July 24th- July 28th

Session 5 – Monday-Saturday 7:00am-12:15pm

Dates: August 7th- August 11th

American Red Cross Lifeguarding

Become a Red Cross Certified lifeguard! The class at Rexburg Rapids is a 25 hour course offering certifications in Lifeguarding First aid, CPR, and AED. As a participant you will receive a Red Cross Lifeguard Manual and a CPR mask. Certifications are based upon successful completion of the written exams and skills assessments. Be a lifeguard, keep people safe and save lives!

Pre-requisites: Swim 300 yards continuously, tread water for two minutes with legs only, swim 20 yards surface dive 10 feet and retrieve an object and swim on your back 20 yards and exit the pool.

Session 1 – Wednesday,Thursday: 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Dates: April 19th-June 2nd

Session 2 – Monday-Saturday: 7:00am- 11:30am

Dates: August 21st- August 25th

American Red Cross Water Safety Instruction (WSI)

Teach people how to swim and give them a gift that might save their life someday.  The class at Rexburg Rapids is approximately 36 hours in length. Participants will receive a WSI certification after successful completion of the written exam and skills assessments.

Session 1 – Saturday; Monday-Friday: 3:00pm- 7:00pm

Dates: May 29th- June 2nd

Session 2 – Monday-Saturday: 7:00am- 11:30am

Dates: August 21st-August 25th

American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructors Class

Get certified to teach Lifeguards. As an American Red Cross Lifeguard instructor you will be able to teach various classes to children and adults. Some of the classes you may be able to teach include CPR, First Aid, AED, and others.

Session 1 – Monday-Saturday

Dates: June 3rd- June 9th

Session 2 – Monday- Wednesday/Friday-Saturday

Dates: August 18th-August 23rd

Swim Club$75.009 week session/ twice per week/ 60 minutes
Water Aerobics$40.009 week session/ twice per week/ 60 minutes
Jr. Lifeguard Program$90.005 days/ 25 hours
American Red Cross Lifeguard Class$180.006 days/ 36 hours
American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor$180.006 days/ 36 hours
American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor Course$180.005 days/ 25 hours

For questions contact Rexburg Recreation at 208-359-3020